This boat will be transformed into a retro 50's custom. There is quite a bit of fiberglass repair before it can be painted.
The transom was reinforced with additional plywood and new fiberglass. Everything has been removed from the boat in order to do a more thorough job. The seam which mates the bottom half to the top half has been smoothed for a cleaner look.
The body lines were also changed to better suit the planned paint design.
1959 Cadillac taillights were frenched into the rear fins.
Scallops were an integral part of attaining the 50's look. This boat will be painted white and sea foam green to match the '65 Suburban tow vehicle.
A seat back/storage compartment was fabricated out of wood and fiberglass.
Here are some views of the boat ready to go the upholstery shop for a white interior.
An enclosure was built in to hide the gas tanks and battery.
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