This car was completely rebuilt and updated with modern drivetrain, steering and brakes. Many custom modifications were also done along the way.
This set of photos shows the modification of the fender for a better fit with the chrome headlight bezel.
The header panel was also reshaped to fit the grille inserts more closely.
The paint was chemically stripped from the car. Soda blasting was used on the inside trunk lid and hood.
The body paint has been completely stripped and the body is being separated from the frame.
After the engine/transmission were removed, the frame was sand blasted prior to painting. The frame and underside of the car will be painted the same champagne color as the outside of the car. Front and rear disc brakes are installed along with two inch drop spindles.
The engine and drivetrain have been painted and installed along with a Magnaflow 2.5" stainless steel exhaust. A March billet aluminum pulley system finishes off the front of the motor. An electric pusher fan will be installed in front of the radiator to allow a less cluttered look when viewing the engine bay. The engine bay will consist visually of champagne and chrome in an effort to present a very clean look.
The wheels for this project are Boyd Coddington, Junkyard Dogs. 18x7 on the front and 20x8.5 an the back. Tires are Nitto 555, 225/40-18 and 255/35-20.
All rusted ares were cut out and replaced with new metal. Quarter panels, trunk floor, wheel housings, rocker panels and driver's floor were all replaced.
After the trunk floor was installed it was on to replacing the wheel housings and quarter panels.
Once the body work was completed, the painting process starts. Using the same paint as the top of the car, this car has an underside that is as clean and shiny as the top.
The firewall was smoothed, eliminating all seams and unnecessary holes.
The body was painted while on the rotisserie. Dupont Hot Hues paint was used for this car. The colors are Champagne Fizz and Amethyst Reflection.
The next group of photos show the flames and stripes being painted. The flames were incorporated into the rally stripes.
The body and front fenders were mounted back on to the frame in order to paint the stripes.
The car is now in the assembly stage. Notice the custom tail lights.
A mold was made of the original lens and then new lenses were cast using resin with purple dye. The taillights are now a light purple which blend nicely with the body color, however, with red LED bulbs they still project red when the lights or brakelights are on.

Very COOL!

The engine bay is complete.
The upholstery was installed by De Greeve Auto Upholstery Inc. They did a superb job - even matching the inside of the glove box.
Some final shots of the completed car.
"Best in class" winner at World of Wheels and Powerama.
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