This 1956 International truck came to Cosmic Color disassembled. All rust will be repaired, panels straightened, and painted pearl white.
This photo shows some of the parts after sandblasting.
All rusted areas were cut out and new metal was welded in place.
The cab corner had been repaired previously. The whole area was cut out and replaced with new metal. The patch panel was shaped using a shrinker/stretcher machine.
The back of the cab had some dents which were not accessible from the back because of a double wall. The metal was too thick to pull with a stud puller so the solution was to cut out the areas, straighten them and weld them back in place.
The body is now in primer/blocksanding stage.
The color on this truck is Cadillac Escalade pearl white.
The box floor needed some fine tuning, to say the least.
The box rails were replaced due to rust
The tailgate was badly bowed. This was straightened by cutting reliefs in the center section and then welding it back together. Welding distortion was non-existant because of the heavy metal. The top and bottom tubes were also replaced because of rust.
Assembly time!
Final shots, new wheels and tires to come.
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