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This 1952 Ford F6 COE was a military vehicle on the Canadian Forces airbase at Moose Jaw, SK. It was virtually rust free but there were many dents and dings to be repaired. This vehicle will be built and painted as a civilian vehicle.
Some of the many parts that will be sandblasted to remove the army paint.
House of Kolor primer was used throught this project. This primer is high build that is designed to be applied directly to bare metal.
The passenger door fit very good with nice even gaps, however the driver's door needed some metal cut away to allow an even gap. The green tape marks the edges that had about 3/16" cut off, welded and then finished
The door is mounted back on to the cab to check that the gap is now even.
A low spot is pulled out using weld-on studs. Once the panel is striaght the pins are cut off.
Some body filler is used to level the low spots.
Some of the parts are now painted, wet sanded and polished.
The outside of the cab is ready for paint. The masked areas have been painted several days earlier.
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