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This custom built race car will be seeing action at the Bonneville Speedway. The custom paint will be hard to see at 200+ mph.
The car ready for fitting and prep before painting.
Some fiberglass needs to be added to the door edges to close the gap.
The trunk lid is fitted to the body, some time is spent getting an even gap all around.
First round of block sanding and adding filler. Fiberglass panels are generally somewhat wavy. It will take a couple of priming and sanding routines to get them flat and smooth.
After priming, block sanding and priming again, the body is ready for another round of block sanding.
The car is assembled to make sure everything fits properly. The hood scoop will be modified by extending it back to the windshield.
This is the new base for the hood scoop. Fiberglass cloth is cut in pieces and laid out first. Four layers with overlapping joints will built up.
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