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This 1962 Biscayne wagon is being built as a custom, including an air ride suspension and modern drive train. The owner has stripped the car and done most of the body work. After setting the gaps and final block sanding this car will be ready for paint.
The bottom corner of one door was not flush with the body so a thin section the door jamb was cut out to allow the corner to be pushed in flush. The jamb was welded after the corner fit flush with the body
This same door also had gap issues. A rod was welded to the edge and ground to produce an even gap.
Another door also needed metal added to produce an even gap.
Notches were built into the inner front fenders to prevent the tires from rubbing when the air suspension is deflated.
The hood gap on one side needed some major work. It was too wide at the front and too narrow at the back. The solution was to add material to the fender at the front and remove a small section the hood at the back.
Here is a strange situation, while the right side bezel and fender fit very well, this side has a large gap. Neither the fender nor the bezel seemed to be bent. So again, material was welded in to close the gap.
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