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This car arrived with all new sheet metal installed.
A minimum amount of filler is needed to smooth out the body
The grille was broken and missing part of the bars. The bars were replaced with fiberglass pieces. After some more filling, sanding and detailing the repair will be unnoticable.
Both fenders had large gaps towards the bottom of the headlight bezels. Some metal was added and finished with some filler.
The plastic front bumper filler panel was not only broken but had also shrunk over time. A new filler panel was made out of steel, this one won't break or shrink.
The rear plastic bumper filler panel was also in rough condition, so, like the front, a steel panel was fabricated.
This aftermarket hood is nicely made, only a small amount of filler is needed to correct the fit.
The top half of the gas tank was painted separately from the bottom. All dents were removed before painting.
The smaller pieces have been painted. The color is Chrysler Viper Red.
The grille is painted with matte titanium silver with black bars and red accent.
Various parts and panels are being painted at this stage of progress.
The inside and bottom of the car were painted separately.
The outside of the body shell is the last to be painted.
The car body is assembled and ready for final assembly.
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