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This project is different from the usual cars and trucks. It is a 1978 Massey Ferguson which is in nice shape and excellent mechanical condition. A few minor items will be fixed and then a new paint job and decals will make this tractor look like new.
Here is a photo of the tractor with the loader removed.
The openings on the hood were cut very crudely, not sure why this is as everything looks original.
Flanges were fabricated and welded in to the openings to give a better looking finish.
A stabilizer bar was added to the 3-point hitch to keep implements from swaying side to side.
At some point in its life the front of the loader frame was cut off on one side. The missing section was rebuilt with new 1/4" metal.
Tractor, loader and misc. parts are sandblasted in preparation for painting.
After applying a direct to metal primer, a single stage urethane is sprayed.
The main frame of the tractor is a pewter color and the wheels and grille are silver.
The tractor is assembled and ready to work the fields in style.
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