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Another tractor for restoration. Paint, new tires and some upgrades like side frames, side steps, and new 3 point hitch pull arms will have this tractor in tip-top shape.
Telescopic pull arms were fabricated. These arms allow for easier hook-up to implements, a stabilizer link keeps implements from swaying side to side. In this photo the locking pins are yet to be installed on the arms.
Here are the finished arms, ready for primer and paint.
Various parts are painted in batches. Mostly 3 point hitch items here. The original arms were painted as well. It is always nice to keep the original equipment. On this project automotive urethane paint is used for its high gloss and UV protection.
Once the sheet metal and other parts are removed the tractor is sandblasted. After the rear tires are dismounted the wheels can be finished sandblasting and painted before new tires are installed.
The dash is paint semi-gloss black
The rear wheels were corroded from the years of the calcium chloride in the tires, the deeper pits were welded to build up the metal. Calcium chloride is often used as a ballast to add weight to the tractor, in this case it added about 1200lbs.
Fresh paint on the wheels. The tractor originally came with 16" wheels on the front but are being replaced with 15". The original wheels are painted and can be reinstalled if the need arises.
The plastic bushings for the seat were worn flat. Brass bushings were machined and will replace the plastic ones.
Fenders and hood are filled and block sanded for a straight surface.
The tractor was painted with a single stage urethane and the sheet metal received two coats of urethane clear for extra gloss and UV protection. Yes, this will make it more shiny than they ever were from the factory.
Getting ready to prime and paint the tractor.
Assembly time!
Assembled and back in business!
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