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The front fenders were prepped and painted off the truck.
For the paint job, the gold was laid down first. It had a coat of clear applied to protect if from mis-tapes further down the process. If there is some paint that blows through the masking paper/tape it will be easy to clean off from the clear without affecting the gold.
The clear is scuffed after it has cured 24 hours, the stripes are laid out using fineline vinyl tape. The straight lines go quickly while some time is needed for the curved design portions. The blue tape will become the gold outline of the stripe when finished.
Once the lines are laid out the body is masked in preparation for the white to be applied.
The white is painted and unmasked. The blue tape will be the last to be removed after all colors are painted.
Again the body is masked along with the white section in preparation for the black. The bulk of time for this paint job was laying out the stripes and masking, unmasking and remasking.
After painting the black, it was masked and the turquoise was painted. This photo shows all the colors unmasked and three coats of clear applied. The sleeper was also painted off the truck.
Final assembly of the Peterbilt 359 extended hood truck.
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