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This GTO will need a complete strip down and much of the metal replaced. The first step is remove all the paint to reveal the extent of metal damage and rust.
The paint is chemically stripped from all body panels. The remaining areas are then sandblasted.
This body is filled with rust. The bottom of the dash is rotted away. A firewall/cowl and dash will be grafted in from a donor car, however, even the donor piece will need some work.
There is no need to strip paint from this quarter panel as the damage is obvious. A new quarter will be replacing this one.
The body filler is ground off to reveal some major damage between the door and front fender.
This is the donor firewall/dash assembly which also requires some new metal.
Door hinge jambs are rotted out on both sides. The firewall is also rusted and will be replaced with a new piece.
Here are a few photos of the new metal.
Only a section from the new jamb is needed on this side.
The right side has the complete door hinge jamb replaced.
The firewall is removed for a new piece. It was cut out roughly with a plasma cutter, then the remaining part was drilled on the spot welds and removed.
The cowl is now ready for the new firewall.
The front body mounts will be removed from the old firewall and transfered to the donor firewall. These are the heavy duty double mount versions that were an option.
A support frame/jig is used not only to support the body once the cowl is removed but also for reference points when the new rockers and cowl is installed.
The cowl has been cut off leaving the support/reference jig intact.
The rocker panels have been removed and the body is cleaned up for the new rockers. Once the rockers and cowl are installed then the entire floor section can be removed and replaced with a new one.
The jig fulfills its purpose as the new cowl assembly is installed, with the different reference points there is no doubt as to the correct location.
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