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This is a personal project that I have been wanting to do for some time. It starts with a Dyno Roadster stretch beach cruiser bicycle. The idea is to build a retro looking bike that borrows styling from the late 50's and early 60's and from Indian motorcycles from the same era as well. Color scheme, Von Dutch-style pinstiping, '59 Cadillac tailights are incorporated into the design. The matching guitar may become a future project.
This is the new bike as purchased.
The fenders are made of fiberglass. A styrofoam form is shaped and fiberglass is laid overtop. The foam is then melted away with lacquer thinner. The trick when using styrofoam is to create a barrier between the foam and the fiberglass because the resin will melt the foam. Once the foam is shaped several coats of latex paint are applied. When the latex has dried thoroughly urethane primer can be applied and sanded. A clearcoat is applied over the primer to create a very glossy surface, mold release is applied and then the fiberglass. Another option is to use urethane foam which is not melted by the resin.
The "gas tank" was was built from both steel and fiberglass. The expanding foam from an aerosol can does not work well for filling large areas because it does not dry inside. The second attempt was to use a two-part urethane expanding foam. This works well, it sets up quick and is easy to sand.
The entire tank was encapsulated with fiberglass.
This photo shows the fenders ready for fiberglass.
Test fitting some of the parts. The chain guard was made from steel.
The fenders had metal mounts embedded into the fiberglass.
A thin coat of body filler is applied to smooth the fiberglass. This is followed by primer and block sanding prior to painting.
Another test fit and the fenders are marked for cutting. Things are progressing well and will soon be ready for paint.
The painting has begun. Notice that the frame below the gas tank has been filled in for a clean finished look.
More to come... as progress conitnues.
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