This in-house project started out as simply building something to custom paint. However, it soon became a unique and comprehensive plan that would “go all the way” when fabricating this custom bicycle chopper.  The frame, forks, handle bars and triple trees were all hand-built.

Styrofoam was shaped for the fenders and “gas tank” then overlaid with fiberglass.

The bike was completely assembled to make sure everything fit, as well as making sure it could be ridden, it was then disassembled for paint and chrome.

The bike was painted with a multistage paint system to achieve a unique color. A turquoise base was applied followed by two coats of white pearl and five coats of turquoise candy. This combination resulted in a rich color with incredible depth and yet still has the softness of a pearl.

After clear coating the turquoise, black and silver metal flake graphics were applied. The final touch is the custom leather and ostrich skin seat.

2006 World of Wheels winner in Custom Bicycle Class.

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