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This picture represents what the Mustang will look like when finished.
Lots of metal panels will be replaced, fortunately, everything needed is available.
The front fender aprons and rad support are replaced.
The cowl and tray below will be replaced with new pieces.
The trunk floor is being replaced along with the rear brace and tail light panel.
Some of the firewall and cowl sides will be replaced. Doors, fenders and cowl are installed to check that everything lines up properly. At this time the car has been supported in eight locations underneath.
With the rusted metal cut away there is very little holding the front subframe to the body. This shows why there is so much support under the vehicle, one side will be completed before moving to the other side.
Both floor panels will be replaced.
The cowl tray had seam sealer applied to the joints and was painted before being welded in place.
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